Mechanical and psychological effects:
– Renews skin cells.
– Relieves muscular pains.
– Activates blood circulation.
– Helps eliminate body fat.
– Helps increase the peristaltic function of the organs.
– Reduces stress and accumulated tension.
– Reduces the psychological consequences caused by everyday life.
– Increase flexibility and body perception.
– Facilitate rest and sleep.
– Makes you feel more vital and energized.
– Produces great feeling of well-being.


The massage is recommended to treat:
– Stress.
– The insomnia.
– The agitation.
– Psychic alterations due to overwork, physical and psychological exhaustion.
– The cramps.
– Atrophy or weakness due to disuse or immobilization of muscles or joints.
– The myalgia or muscle pain.
– The accumulation of liquids after an operation or trauma.


Massage should not be performed in the following cases:
-Menstruating women (rule).
-In feverish or flu.
-In general infectious processes.
-In infectious or contagious diseases of the skin, warts, eczema, herpes, fungi, etc.
-In acute inflammation, redness, heat, pain, increased temperature of the treatment area.
-In produced inflammation occur immediately after a sprain.
-In open wounds.
-In bleeding.
-In tumor diseases, cancer and tuberculosis spread by danger.
-In fractures and fissures.
-In cardiovascular disease or suspicion of them, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, etc..
-In acute phases of rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, acute arthritis, gout attacks, etc..
-In internal ulcers.
-In burns.

The massages we make are therapeutic type, if you have any condition or other disease should consult a doctor.